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Optimise your Gut Health

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

Image by Alana Burns

Nowadays everyone knows that gut health is associated with almost every bodily function rom mental health, hormone production, detoxification, clear skin, weight loss, the list goes on…

What’s concerning is gut health can be so easily compromised by chronic stress, certain medications, food allergies, excessive alcohol, infection or excessive sugar consumption. There’s evidence that the risk of inflammatory bowel disease in children rises with the number of courses of antibiotics taken.

The lining of the small intestine becomes inflamed and irritated, which can lead to disruption of the gut barrier function and what is known as leaky gut. Large particles pass through the GIT lining and into our bloodstream when it otherwise wouldn’t. Our immune system views them as invaders to attack and creates inflammation within the body.

Leaky gut has been associated with a variety of conditions including autoimmune disease, arthritis, asthma, autism, ADHD, skin conditions, mental health problems as well as a host of GIT symptoms such as gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, and cramping.

You can easily be tested for leaky gut with an Intestinal Permeability test. Go further and assess digestive function and microbiome health with a Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis (CDSA) or Complete Microbiome Map. Food allergy can be assessed with an IGG test or elimination diet

The GUT Optimisation Program is for you if:


  • If you have a diagnosed digestive condition such as IBS, IBD (Crohn's disease or Ulcerative Colitis) or identified LEAKY GUT, CANDIDIA OVERGROWTH, SIBO, REFLUX or GERD

  • If you or your children have a spectrum or attention disorder (ASD, ADHD) or a mental health concern

  • For those who have joint pain, chronic skin inflammation, acne, rashes, psoriasis, PMS, painful periods, auto-immune diseases, fibromyalgia and weight gain

  • You want to identify what's going on in your gut whether it's food intolerance, parasites, Leaky gut, SIBO or something else

  • It's also for you if you are confused about which foods you are reacting to and don't know what to eat.

The GUT Optimisation Program

The 6 week program involves removing specific foods from your diet, and then reintroducing them along with introducing prebiotics, probiotics and specific herbs and nutrients to repair the barrier function of your gut, boost your microbiome and furthermore improve your overall health (addressing the issues mentioned earlier).

I support you through the 6 weeks and guide you to listen to what your gut is telling you. You will learn about your unique digestive system though symptom tracking, food reactions and pathology testing (testing is an additional cost). I help you to understand what meals are best suited to you so you learn to eat with confidence again.

Phase 1 - Remove

This phase addresses Dysbiosis, which is the overgrowth of inappropriate bacteria, parasites, viruses or fungus in the GIT. Normal digestive flora consists of over 500 different bacterial species, however sometimes this may become unbalanced. We assist the body to remove unwanted organisms and remove foods that may be causing an issue.

Stage 2 - Repair

We incorporate foods, nutrients and herbs that directly support the regeneration of the cells in the gut to restore the gut lining and immune system function.

Some people might also need to assist the process of digestion by supporting the production of digestive enzymes, bile salts, and hydrochloric acid as these can be depleted by certain medications such as antacids and stress.

Stage 3 - Rebuild

This involves supporting the microbiome with prebiotic fibres to ensure the correct environment for the good bacteria and re-inoculating the GUT with probiotics, the good bacteria. At this stage we can start the process of re introducing foods again.

*depending on the health of the gut these steps are not always done in the same order

                   Get started right now and book your first session HERE

Download your food and symptom diary HERE and GUT Optimisation dietary guidelines handout HERE

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