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It's time to feel joyful, energised and in control of your health

Are your moods, stress and burnout stopping you from getting ahead in life? 


On top of your mental health struggles you may also be experiencing a list of other physical health symptoms such as digestive & period issues, skin breakouts, chronic thrush, fatigue and sleep issues. 

How would it feel to find the energy and motivation to make some small changes straight away?

Welcome, I'm so glad you are here


I know what it's like to fear that you will never get on top of your health.

Imagine a different scenario where you feel energised, motivated, balanced and grounded.

Hey, I’m Lisa,

My clinical experience over the last 9 years has been predominantly in the area of mental health and women’s health.


I understand that every client is unique and recognise that success in achieving your health goals includes tailoring a treatment plan to your individual needs.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by yours or your children's health I can help you to find clarity around what's happening in your body so that you can gain some control back. Not by fighting against it, but by finding empowering ways of working with it and making changes that will benefit the whole family.

I support you to feel more balanced, motivated and energised so that you can confidently move forward in life without the worrying about burden of health issues. 

My clinical approach is collaborative, and evidence based. I use a range of pathology and functional medicine testing to help my clients understand the biological reasons underlying their illness. 

Find out how to work with me here 



Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) 

Mindd Practitioner 

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