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Pyrroluria is a common condition where the body produces excess amounts of a specific chemical that binds to zinc and vitamin B6, and pulls them out of the body causing deficiencies of these nutrients.


Symptoms of pyrroluria, and subsequently zinc and vitamin B6 deficiency include poor immune function and frequent viral infections and cold and flu, poor memory, skin problems such as psoriasis, acne and eczema, plus mood disturbance including poor stress tolerance, anxiety and depression.


Pyrroluria is a genetic condition, but for some people the sympyoms may not show up until there has been exposure to high amounts of physical or emotional stress, or environmental toxins.


Balancing zinc and vitamin B6 is the cornerstone of treatment. Some people may see improvement in mood within a few days. However, treating pyrroluria can be complex often involves supporting detoxification pathways, repairing leaky gut, and improving antioxidant defenses. If you have scored high in this category, I would suggest consulting a qualified naturopath to confirm diagnosis and discuss treatment options.

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