It's time to feel joyful, energised and in control of your health

Do you feel as though your crazy moods, stress and burnout are stopping you from getting ahead in life? 


You’d like to feel joy, instead of feeling numb and empty  

You'd like to believe that there is hope for an enjoyable future where you can feel anything other than overwhelm & exhaustion

On top of your mental health struggles you’re also experiencing a list of other physical health symptoms like digestive & period issues, skin breakouts, chronic thrush, fatigue and sleep issues. 

How would it feel to find the energy and motivation to make some small changes straight away?

Now is the time to step up and see what you can achieve in your life if you get a handle on your mental and physical health

Welcome, I'm so glad you are here


I know what it's like to fear that you will never get better. That deeper knowing that you might just become so worn out you’ll want to give up. 


When it comes to health, what may seem like the simplest of tasks can leave you feeling overwhelmed to the point that you’re unmotivated to do anything.


Sound familiar? 


Your doctor’s told you that you’ll be on the meds long term. You've experimented numerous times to get yourself off them to see if you could manage, hoping that the doctors’ predictions were wrong.


Perhaps you managed ok for 3 months only to spiral downwards into suicidal depression and all-consuming anxiety. 


It's a common story….


Despite the many attempts of coming off your medication you can't seem to shake the deep desire to fix what you feel is broken underneath the bandaid of medication.


You feel that there has to be a better alternative to putting up with negative side-effects.

Imagine a different scenario…..


You've stepped into your power and authenticity

You are able to embrace who you really are


You feel energised, motivated, balanced & grounded


You feel useful & important,

You feel beautiful, blissful and pure happiness


You're hopeful and excited about future possibilities,


You're connected to the people around you, and are able to embrace others with positivity and love


You feel proud that you're setting a good example for your children




















Hey, I’m Lisa,

I provide individualised holistic health care for women, mums, and children who are struggling with their mental health, moods, and behavioural concerns.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by yours or your child's health I can help you to find clarity around what's happening in your body so that you can gain some control back. Not by fighting against it, but by finding empowering ways of working with it and making changes that will benefit the whole family.

I support you, and/or your child to feel more balanced, motivated and energised so that you can confidently move forward in life without the worrying about burden of health issues. 

With my clinical experience and university training, I integrate the latest in evidence-based natural therapies with the best of traditional naturopathic knowledge. I collaborate with your GP, psychologist, therapist, ect so you can rest assured that you have a team of professionals working on your case to ensure the best therapeutic outcomes.

You’re in the right place if:


  • You’re ready to take control of the way you’re feeling and step up into your power.

  •  You want to gain clarity around what's happening in your body.

  • You believe in owning yourself and your triggers (or are willing to learn).

  • You want to feel more energised, motivated, balanced & grounded​

  • You want to feel empowered to manage your health on your own​

  • You like a holistic approach to medicine



My story..


I can't remember when it first started for me; the anxiety, the depression, the debilitating feeling of having no control over how I was feeling and my emotions.


But I do know and clearly remember how it impacted my ability to work, socialise, share a home and just live. 


I struggled with relationships, but I desperately wanted deeper connections. 


15 years ago I went to see a naturopath for the first time and it 


Changed. My. life.



Shadow on Concrete Wall


Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) 

Massage Cert IV

Mindd Practitioner 

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