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Does it ever feel as though yours or your child's mood (and/or behavioural challenges) are getting in the way of living a balanced and full life? 


Some days, it feels like you’re spinning out of control trying to keep up with the everyday demands of family life. Whether it's your own mental health problems, or your feelings as a mother you can't help but feel like you're failing. 


You can find yourself going from rage, absolute exasperation and frustration, to guilt and self-loathing a few times a week (or even a day). You're stumped and confused about how to move through it.

Struggling with your mental health can have you wondering if it’s even worth it. Life feels hard and although you desire to fulfil your dreams, you just can’t seem to get a handle on things. Another year passes, and another list of ‘to do’s’ incomplete.


The simplest of tasks can leave you feeling overwhelmed to the point that you’re unmotivated to do anything about it. You fear that you might never find the solutions to yours or your child's health problems.


On top of the mental health struggles there's the...


digestive complaints,


period issues,


skin breakouts,



sensory sensitivities,


sleep issues,

the list goes on...


I wholeheartedly believe it is possible for you to feel energised, joyful and gain control of yours and your family's health!

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