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Zinc and vitamin C powder (orange flavour) to support immunity and reduce severity of cold and flu 


Mushroom tincture containing Reishi, Shitake & Maitake (200mls)

Mushroom beta-glucans contain immunomodulating properties to support healthy immune function


Specially formulated Herbal Medicine Tincture to boost the Immune system for Mum & Dad 500mls

An individual blend of immune tonic, lung tonic, antiviral, antimicrobial and cough reducing herbs such as Echinacea, Astragalus, Andrographis, Elecmpane, Ribwort, Elderberry, Calendula, Sage, Thyme, Marshmallow, Liquorice, Lemon Balm..


Kids Immune Boosting Syrup to support immunity - 200ml

Immune boosting syrup is a nutrient dense tonic to strengthen the immune system and fight the winter ills. Rich in Vitamin C and anti-viral herbs this formula is designed to stop coughs, colds, congestion, fever, flu in their tracks. It brings relief to your symptoms, while strengthening the immune system.




Family Immune Boosting Essentials Pack containing mushrooms (30 day supply)

$274.00 Regular Price
$249.00Sale Price
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