My Story....


I can't remember when the anxiety first started, but I’ll never forget how it impacted my life. 


I was an excessive worrier and over thinker.


When my head would hit the pillow at night, the day’s events would play out in my mind over and over. I ’d been exhausted for years. 

Some days it felt like I was just surviving.

I ended up seeing a naturopath and it really changed the way I thought about health. 


She discovered biological reasons that explained my symptoms. She looked at all aspects of my health including diet and lifestyle.


In only a few months I started to feel like I was gaining control over my life and how I was feeling.

In time, my negative self talk was slowly replaced with more positivity. 


I was inspired, and I wanted ANYONE who had been though anything similar to have the same opportunity. Since completing my naturopathy degree in 2012, I have worked with many people struggling with their health 

I love that I can helps others.

It’s hard to even imagine what my life would be like today if I didn’t take the steps and ask for help.


If you are tired of the overwhelm and anxiety and want to tap into your own power and feel more balanced in your body and mind I’m here to tell you that it IS POSSIBLE!

Move forward with your life goals, feel amazing and start thriving instead of surviving, reach out for help.


You don’t have to go it alone.

Lisa x

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